Manganese Dioxide

For iron and manganese removal from potable water. Generally used in admixture with sand, iron and manganese removal is achieved simultaneously during filtration.

Filtration Garnet

Used either alone or in multimedia filters in conjunction with sand and anthracite. Allows the removal of fine particulates which may not be retained by sand filters.

Support Garnet

Used as a support beneath filtration garnet to prevent migration through the support layers and to ensure the stability of the bed.

Filtration Anthracite

Used in multi-media, anthracite, sand, garnet filters or in dual media sand, anthracite filters. The addition of a layer of anthracite to a sand filter increases filter run times. Anthracite is available in various grades including support grades for 100% anthracite filters.

Filtration Sand

The standard filter medium for water treatment. High silica sand is available in several grades for both rapid gravity and slow sand filters.

Support Gravels

Used beneath the filtration media as a support. Support gravels are available in various grades.

pH Correction Media

Microcrystalline calcium carbonate and semi-calcined dolomite for pH corrections and re-mineralisation.

Active Carbon

Coconut shell and coal based carbons for dechlorination, taste and odour removal and organics removal.

Alkali Resistant Media

A specially produced material which withstands process liquors of pH 12 and above which would dissolve silica sand.