Company profile

CAS Filtration was established in 1978 to produce and supply high quality filter media for potable water treatment. Since then the company has been committed to a policy of providing materials of the highest specification and is now firmly established as a leading supplier to the water industry.

Initially CAS Filtration specialised in the more unusual media such as manganese dioxide, garnet and anthracite but others have been added to the product range over the years. This means that customers can now obtain all their filter media from one source no matter how small or how large their requirement may be.



Strict attention is paid to the quality of all raw materials used in the manufacture of CAS Filtration products. In some cases selected sub-contractors work to stringent specifications exclusively for CAS Filtration. Other products are made in-house by the company or are obtained from established manufacturers who meet CAS Filtration’s high standards.

In line with its policy of supplying the best products and service CAS Filtration operates a Quality System which provides for continual quality improvement and has been awarded third party certification to ISO9001.


CAS Filtration maintains stocks of media at it’s Immingham warehouse and larger orders can be supplied directly from the point of production, thus enabling very competitive rates to be offered. A transport service is available including vehicles with self-offloading facilities.

In addition to it’s role as a supplier of filter media CAS Filtration carries out research into the properties and applications of the materials offered as well as developing new types of media. As a result of this research a filter medium for the treatment of highly alkaline process liquors and a material for heavy metals removal from potable and waste waters have been developed.
Customers are invited to consult CAS Filtration for advice on applications of filter media, assistance with the design of filter beds and media selection. Technical Data Sheets are available on all CAS Filtration products and these are updated in line with the company policy of continual improvement.